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Through our network of highly qualified executive coaches, we are able to support your efforts and those of your staff by providing one-on-one coaching sessions (and group sessions if needed) where we can ensure that personal and professional development are priorities. The sessions are designed based on the organization’s and the individual’s objectives, ensuring they are aligned and beneficial to both.


More and more, companies are recognizing that simply training employees will not get the job done. The investment often has to go further and deeper. This is where we can assist with Executive and Competency Coaching.

A modern approach for today’s demanding business landscape


Success through Coaching – A case worth considering


our proven approach to long-term, sustainable results

We had been approached by one of the fastest growing airports in the world to design and deliver on their leadership development needs. The organization is highly regarded in the aviation sector, and is the envy of most other airports for their vision, passion and growth. Yet, the SVP of Human Resources felt there was more to be done. In fact, she was adamant that if they were to keep up this pace, the only way to do it was to invest in the development of their people.

Applying our IDEAS Methodology, we set out to Investigate the current state of the business and what can be done to get them to the next level. Through workplace shadowing, one-on-one interviews and a series of assessments, which included Emotional Quotient Test and a 360 Assessment, we were able to move into the Design of a leadership intervention that was befitting of the already-competent leadership.

We Embarked on a year-long leadership journey focusing on the Senior Vice Presidents, Vice-Presidents and Heads of Department. While the solution called for certain people development workshops that assisted them in refining their leadership skills, exceling through the ever-changing environment and engaging their teams, it was the coaching element that had tremendous impact.

The SVP of Human Resources had said, early on in our discovery phase, “no matter how high you reach in the organization, no matter how important you are or how good you are, everyone needs support. The higher you go, the lonelier it gets”. This resonated with us and was in line with our belief that leaders need a confidante, a professional coach that can listen, debate and guide.

In order to Anchor the learning, we assigned each member of leadership their own Executive Coach. Through their monthly sessions, they were able to discuss challenges, pursue opportunities and apply new tools provided to them to help them excel. Leaders became more engaged and mindful of their team’s needs as well as the needs of the business. Their level of awareness was heightened, as they worked with their Coaches to grow, both personally and professionally.

Coaching complements various interventions and allows participants to explore new avenues, innovate and think clearly. The process is liberating for many, and brings focus to the stressful, high demand and complex worlds we call “our jobs”.

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