A proven approach to long-term, sustainable results

Our I.D.E.A.S. Methodology


Every intervention, no matter how small or large, applies our I.D.E.A.S. methodology, which allows us to better understand the challenges, design the appropriate solution, and follow-through to ensure the required behavioural transformations remain in place.

CCM Consultancy Methodology
investigate - design - embark - anchor - sustain


investigate icon

Upon receiving the Client Brief, our Team lays out the investigative phase to be able to verify your needs and feed into the Design process.


It is in this phase that we understand your areas of concern, the expected outcomes and the key success drivers.


We believe in the motto “What gets measured, gets done” and therefore use a set of tools to assist us in identifying the baseline for the intervention.


design icon

Our design team, armed with the information uncovered in the Investigation phase and your desired objectives, goes to work on designing a customized solution aimed at making an impact and achieving measurable results.


The Design team is comprised of our Lead and Supporting Consultants, Instructional Designers, Performance Development Consultants and Project Management Team, all working together to design and deploy a unique journey that is then validated against your specific needs.


ccm sustain

Our Intervention Journey takes shape during this stage as we deploy the custom-designed solution, through experiential learning and activities aimed at meeting your objectives.



ccm anchor

In order to ensure that the intervention is anchored within the organization and in your teams’ everyday life, we apply a comprehensive follow-up approach.


Our tools are aimed at embedding the new learning and ideas, especially in the first 60 days after the intervention, thus building on the momentum achieved in prior phase.


ccm sustain

No intervention is complete if it cannot be sustained within the organization and your people.


In order to achieve long-term success, a Sustainability Report highlighting the internal interventions required is provided to the key stakeholders within your organization, and continued support can be provided from our team.