Corporate E-Learning​


an Interactive, gamified experience

Corporate E-Learning courses provided by CCM Consultancy, through an easy-to-access online tool, based on a revolutionary micro-learning educating process with innovative habit-formation tools.

E-Learning has never been so Engaging Convenient Scientific Easy

Real Time Collaboration
20X higher engagement and completion rates than traditional learning management systems

By dividing sessions in levels and missions accessible anytime and on any device, learners can move at their own pace and absorb the material in smaller chunks, backed up by a community-based learning feature, inviting sharing, communication of knowledge and intuition.

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Connecting teams and individuals across the organization has never been this easy


Corporate E-Learning


Five Specialized Corporate e-Learning Courses


Coprorate e-learning courses by ccm consultancy

Social Selling

Engage customers online and increase your sales pipeline
A gamified, e-learning program providing a solid foundation and understanding of social selling skills, tools and techniques needed to effectively research, engage, target and network with potential clients through social media

Focusing on the Customer

Customer Service, the Right Way
Offers a way to understand and satisfy customers expectations, handle intense and stressful situations and be able to offer great experiences, delivering the business results every organization is looking for

Effective Sales Management

Succeed through your Team
This gamified, e-learning program is ideal for newly appointed and potential sales managers, as well as experienced sales managers looking to enhance their skill set.

Account Mapping and Management

Retain your Key Clients
During this gamified, e-learning program, you will learn how to identify 'who's in the zoo' in terms of organization structures, politics and power and how to motivate key influencers and decision makers to help you beat the competition.

Solutions-Based Selling

Customer Service, the Right Way
This gamified, e-learning program shows participants how to avoid common pitfalls, build strong personal relationships with different customer personalities, and sell conversationally and consultatively.
our learning solutions are available in VILT format and/or our gamified, e-learning platform, as well as a blended solution option

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