Employee Engagement


Employee Engagement has a direct impact on your sales, customer service, reputation, and brand. A dissatisfied or disengaged employee can reach thousands of people via social media to complain. Equally, a satisfied and engaged employee can do the same.



That future Drucker referred to is already here. And with such demands on our staff, we must find ways to keep them engaged, and have them bring their heart with them to work… every day.

"Organizations will have to contend with the fact that half the workforce will be working twice as hard, to produce three times as much" – Peter Drucker

Your staff represent your brand. An engaged staff become your best ambassador

employee egnagement Interventions

My Customer Orientation

Culture Audit

Engagement and Alignment Survey

Values Audit

The Effective Workplace Survey

Business Connection Survey


our proven approach to long-term, sustainable results

Through our IDEAS Methodology, we Investigate the current state of your employees’ engagement.  After all, what gets measured gets done.  This is accomplished through on-site shadowing, focus groups, a variety of assessments and surveys, and even the use of Employee Ethnography.

Armed with this information, we Design a customized solution aimed at engaging your employees and building a Brand Culture unique to you

We then Embark on the Employee Engagement journey applying a variety of activities, interventions and employee-driven initiatives such as Foster Teams, Employee Days, Struggle Together, Grow To One, and more.

We then Anchor the initiatives and behavioral changes through a series of exercises that seem to blend into their normal business life, with applying changes to the routine.  We build brand ambassadors, impart rituals on them that build a sense of pride, belonging and accountability.  We achieve what we call “Employeeship”.

To Sustain this level of engagement, your leaders are handed a toolkit and guided on how to live the organizational values, and work towards a vision everyone can identify with.  Through effective and empathic communication, employees remain engaged and mindful of their value to the company.

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