Solutions-Based Selling


Solutions-Based Selling is a gamified, e-learning program showing participants how to avoid common pitfalls, build strong personal relationships with different customer personalities, and sell conversationally and consultatively

E Learning has never been so Engaging Convenient Scientific Easy

Real Time Collaboration
20X higher engagement and completion rates than traditional learning management systems

Starting by clearly identifying true priority needs, this course shows sales professionals how to present their offer in terms of its contribution to business goals, justify cost, and sell “return on investment” (where this is a key decision factor)

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Be valuable to your clients


Interactive, gamified, e-Learning experience


Solutions-Based Selling e-learning interventions

Identify your client’s true needs and priorities

Design and present your solution in a very clear and motivational way…win against tough competition

Successfully manage relationships with different types of people within your clients’ organizations

Use your Offer Analysis to sell the real benefits of your value proposition

Adapt your communication style to match your client’s

Achieve ‘Trusted Advisor’ status in the eyes of your clients

our learning solutions are available in VILT format and/or our gamified, e-learning platform, as well as a blended solution option

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