Organizational Culture Shift


Organizational Culture is a key component that can enhance talent acquisition, talent retention, employee satisfaction and productivity. It is why employees come into work happy, and why they give everything they’ve got to improve business results.

Some companies have the privilege of starting from Day 1 and set the organizational culture they want. Most companies however, have been around for many years, and have gone through changes, cutbacks, growth periods, new leadership, change in policy and so much more. Culture becomes faded, it becomes a distant memory, and often one that cannot be identified by those that have been around long enough.

Do you know what your Organization Culture is? is it really what you want it to be?


Ensuring your organization’s DNA is aligned with your objectives


our proven approach to long-term, sustainable results

Applying our IDEAS Methodology, we help you define your Organizational Culture. Working with senior leadership, we Investigate your way of doing business, how your staff feel and what they represent within the organization. Through various methods such as shadowing, one-on-one interviews, focus groups, and client surveys, we capture what it means to belong to your business.

We assist organizations in drafting a Vision if they don’t have one, defining Core Values, and looking at ways to embed these. Be it Rituals to live out every day, or a sense of belonging, our Design is often a co-creation process that helps senior leadership take ownership of their future.
We Embark on our agreed-up interventions through facilitated team or company days, several-months long embedding processes (at all levels of the organization), or business rituals that will be carried out…and sometimes even certain workshops that are custom-designed for your needs. Whatever the solution, our Consultants share your passion for your business.
Any solution, especially one as important as Organizational Culture, requires us to Anchor the learning or the new thinking. We work with your teams and leaders to create Moments of Truth, never to be repeated opportunities, where the Culture is no longer something to be talked about, but rather something that is.
We leave you with a customized toolkit and action items that will help you Sustain the desired Culture, or Vision, and allow you to continue to thrive organically.

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