Branded Customer Experience


Branded Customer Experience is a differentiated experience that your customers/clients recognize as unique to you. They cannot get this experience elsewhere, nor can they explain what makes it so special. It goes far more than functionality, and touches an emotional chord… it defines your business and satisfies your customers’ needs well beyond their expectations. They seek you out for this experience and keep coming back.​


We offer an end to end process for helping organizations discover, define and deliver a differentiated customer experience that will appeal to customers and differentiate from the competition by crafting a unique and memorable experience.

Every business desires to deliver great customer service. But how many can claim to have a Branded Customer Experience?

Create moments of truth in every customer interaction


Branded Customer Experience Interventions

A Complaint is a Gift

In order to turn a negative situation with a customer into a positive one, it is vital that the organization and its entire staff with customer contact know the prerequisites for good complaints handling
Recovering customers confidence by processing complaints effectively needs a good “complaints’ culture”. The organization’s systems and policies should make it easy for the employees to process complaints effectively.

Be a Double Bagger

Building a culture of recognition and personal development enhances the customer experience, both internally and externally.
At the heart of Be a Double Bagger is the importance of building and sustaining relationships with others that are engaging and empowering.

Branded Customer Service

Branded Customer Service is your guide to moving service delivery to a new level so that brand reinforcement occurs every time customers interact with representatives of your organization
Branded Customer Service is your guide to moving service delivery to a new level so that brand reinforcement occurs every time customers interact with representatives of your organization

Building a Customer-Centric Culture

Recognizing and delivering upon customer expectations is essential to building any successful business
Through fully bespoke interventions, we help you build a customer-centric culture that sets you apart from the competition

My Personal Guarantee

Developing awareness around quality is critical for an organization’s reputation, therefore focusing on how we can learn to increase the quality of every detail in our everyday activities can make a difference
Personal Guarantee is a powerful quality concept underpinned by the principle that the person who performs a task guarantees its quality; meaning that this person has checked their own work – and is not only proud to put their name TO it, but also ON it.

Putting People First

An internationally well-known and successful TMI tool, as well as a source of inspiration for people who want to gain something more in their lives and develop themselves in the service sector
Putting People First is about personal service excellence. Better understand and satisfy your customers’ expectations, handle intense and stressful situations and be able to interpret body language.


Your staff, when they feel empowered, supported, and connected with your business will be better placed to deliver high performance.
TMI’s Employeeship concept, first published in 1992, is a management philosophy and consulting process helping you to shape a healthy and vibrant culture in your organization that will enable your strategy to succeed.

Operationalizing Service Process

Designed for service organizations seeking to capitalize from a major improvement in customer service through retaining and growing a customer base, increasing sales, and improving service efficiencies.
Especially relevant for ‘operational’ service organizations with large numbers of staff and clients, multiple sites, and a large number of customer experience touch points and ‘moments of truth’.


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