Account Mapping and Management


Account Mapping and Management is a gamified, e-learning program focused on identifying identify 'who's in the zoo' in terms of organization structures, politics and power and how to motivate key influencers and decision makers to help you beat the competition.

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Your company's key accounts are your competitors' key prospects. Your profits depend more on acquiring, protecting and developing key accounts than on any other single activity.

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Retain your Key Clients


Interactive, gamified, e-Learning experience


Account Mapping and Management e-learning interventions

Define key accounts and key account management

understand the process of key account management, what makes an account 'key' and how certain customer accounts evolve from merely transactional to strategic partnerships

Identify the different personality types involved in a complex sale

understand your own personality and how to adapt your selling style to the needs of different individuals

Analyze organizational structures

identify formal as well as informal reporting lines and networks to understand where the power lies within each of your key accounts. This will help you to plan your approach carefully and present a powerful solution which appeals to all decision makers and influencers within your customer's organization

Identify the priorities, wants and needs of your key account customers

understand that key accounts tend to involve multiple decision makers who are motivated by a variety of (sometimes conflicting) different priorities, wants and needs, each of which you must identify and respond to

Differentiate yourself from your competitors

see the competition through your customers' eyes and adapt your offer accordingly

our learning solutions are available in VILT format and/or our gamified, e-learning platform, as well as a blended solution option

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