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Our Assessment Centers deeply understand that every employee is an extension of your business. They represent you, your culture and your values. Therefore hiring the right people is crucial to ensure that employees fit the business’ culture, and become a valued member of the team.


Our comprehensive Assessment Centers are conducted for both candidates being considered for a role, as well as pre-existing employees you may be considering for a promotion. From in-depth interviews to role play, to case studies and group discussion, the centers offer a holistic approach to your organizational transformation, corporate culture and business results.

Deep investigation into the candidates’ relational, emotional and technical skills, and the ability to carry the business forward

Rule out the guess work in hiring top talent, and get it right the first time


assessment center Interventions

Emotional Quotient Testing

While intelligence is a factor in every hiring decision, it has become more important to test one’s emotional intelligence.
Through our own Emotional Quotient Test (EQT), we assess every candidate’s level of EI through the 5 key areas: Self-Awareness, Self-Management, Self-Motivation, Social Awareness and Social Skills. You are provided with an in-depth report on the candidates’ overall EQ, areas of strengths and improvement, as well as the measures to take to enhance the results.

Psychometric Assessments and Competency Capability Measures

Through a variety of assessments and measures, we provide you with a clearer picture on the candidate’s behavioral capabilities and job-related competencies, thus creating a perfect fit into your organization and its culture.
These assessments and measures are customized to your specific requirements as well as take into account the 9 Management Styles and 17 Management Qualities (through OMG’s Key Management Dynamics) required to succeed in an executive function.


In order to better understand the candidate’s ability to work under pressure and also grasp your business, we design case studies that are industry-specific which put them to the test
The candidates are provided with these case studies during the Assessment Center and are given up to 90 minutes to deliver their solutions to the Assessment Team, in presentation format. This gives you an opportunity to see them at work, live.

Function-Specific Role Plays

If you want to understand the tamed and preset behaviors of a Lion, you can go watch them at the zoo…caged. However, if you want to see them in their natural state and capture their true behaviors, you go to the jungle.
We create function-specific scenarios, effectively replicating real-life scenarios that the candidates would face in the prospective role. We then role play these scenarios in order to assess their ability to cope with situations, their problem-solving ability and their agility.

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