Leadership Development


Leadership development is about far more than simply management. It is how you make people feel, how you inspire others to become a better version of their best selves. It is about setting strategy and seeing it through. It is for that reason that organizations seek out to develop their leaders and ensure they lead by example.

Our Leadership Development interventions are engaging and highly interactive, often replicating real-life situations through role plays and theater learning. Our team of consultants immerse themselves into the day-to-day life of the leader, and the strategies they want to carry out, thus ensuring that results are achieved and are tangible.

"Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other" - JFK


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Leadership development Interventions

Building High Performing Teams

The most effective team is one that combines talent, expertise and/or clearly defined roles, in combination with productive interactions.
Learn how style diversity contributes to a team’s performance, and what each team member can do to contribute to organizational success.

Coaching For Results

New models and processes are needed to sustain success. Coaching answers this need.
Learn what methodology to use, how it works and how coaching can be used as a positive and permanent feature for sustaining business growth and success.

Coaching & Leadership

Two of the most important management skills required to develop the abilities of your people.
Successful leaders achieve the right results by gaining the support and confidence of their team and by inspiring each member to develop the confidence to realize their full potential.

Conflict Management

When a number of people are working together there will usually be conflict – it is almost impossible to avoid it completely.
The important thing is to be able to understand the true causes of any conflict and to have the skill to manage it constructively (for the benefit of the business) while maintaining positive relationships with everyone involved.


An essential skill for leaders and team members, yet many fail to delegate successfully.
Discover the key elements of effective delegation, assess your own strengths and weaknesses in this area and develop strategies for producing results.

Directors’ Responsibilities

Promotion to director is more significant than any other, bringing with it legal duties, responsibilities and personal liabilities.
The skills and knowledge required are not automatically in place on appointment and surprisingly many appointees are just left to sink or swim. Understand the key requirements and what to do when faced with major decisions.

Emotionally Intelligent Leadership

Today’s business environment requires leaders and employees who are adaptive, efficient and share the need to achieve common objectives.
Understand how a high level of Emotional Intelligence can help shape the organizational climate, win employees over and secure future growth and sustainability.

Finance for Non-Finance Managers

Business results are usually defined in financial terms. So every manager needs to understand the principles of business finance and management accounting.
Using easy to understand language and processes, learn how to make sense of financial results and use them to your business advantage.

Financial Understanding for Senior Executives

Take control, ask your finance team the right questions and improve profitability, but learning to cut through all the jargon.
An interactive experience that allows you to discuss your own company’s financial reports and apply strategy to the numbers.

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