Georges Cherfan

Partner and Chairman of the Board


Georges Cherfan​

Georges Cherfan started his career in sales at the age of 23 by joining the global pharmaceutical company ER Squibb and Sons in Beirut, Lebanon. After thirteen years of employment with Squibb, he was promoted to senior level management positions, and was offered the position of Managing Director of the Squibb manufacturing plant in Egypt. 

However, George made the move to start his own business, and CCM Middle East was born in 1979 with locations in Beirut, Lebanon and Athens, Greece.

From there, George grew the organizations to a multi-national company focusing on healthcare communication and medical education, with offices across the Middle East, Turkey, North Africa, the UK and the US. He remains involved in strategic matters as well as overseeing sales, marketing, HR and IT services.

He serves as Chairman of the Board for CCM Consultancy as well as a Partner in the business, bringing years of experience and market know-how along with him.

George and his wife Sana, have three children and six grandchildren.