Maher Cherfan

Partner and Board Member


A McGill University graduate with honors in finance and marketing, Maher started his career as a high performing Financial Advisor with a leading Canadian investment firm. While in Canada, he also invested and successfully managed several real estate properties. In 1999, he joined the family firm, Group CCM and is currently a Principal and Partner overseeing the Group’s activities in the fields of Medical Education, Marketing and Consulting.

He is also a Partner and Board Member at RMC Holdings, a real-estate investment company he co-founded, and a Partner and Board Member at Doctoranytime, a professional services internet start-up he helped co-found.

In 2010, Maher and the other Board Members established CCM Consultancy, guided by the desire to build capability in the region and offer unique services in management consulting. Maher was integral and directly involved in the launch of our US operation with Headquarters in New York City.

He is currently based in Athens, Greece where he enjoys playing Tennis, the company of friends and spending time with his wife and four children.