Julie Ann Rudge



It only takes a matter of seconds with Julie-Ann to witness her passion for life and for inspiring others. Owner and operation of Dubai Drums ® (she is famously referred to as “The Drum Lady”), a unique and highly experiential learning approach the uses the power of music and rhythm to collaborate with and lead others, while understanding yourself better. Julie-Ann has also received her coach training from the Coaches Training Institute in San Francisco, California, a Certified Organization and Relation Systems Coach (ORSCC) with the International Coach Federation, a Neuro Linguistic Practitioner (NLP) and Drum Circle Facilitator (DCF).

Julia-Ann facilitates a myriad of sessions for team-building, leadership development and even to coach groups on corporate culture. She is always deeply committed to client success and believes that in both the business and personal setting, it’s about taking responsibility for what you are creating – reconnecting to your inner core and continually honoring your values. As Julie-Ann puts it, she is truly living the dream!