Cenk Tasanyurek



An outcome and results-driven functional leader, Cenk has over 16 years of aviation experience and almost 10 years of talent development experience. Despite being passionate about aviation and having clocked in 12640 flying hours, Cenk dedicates his time to helping organizations upskill their team, embrace and manage change, and apply innovation within workplaces. He has a Bachelor Of Business Administration, Management and Operations (Marmara University, Turkey, a Masters of Business Administration (University of Liverpool, UK) and is currently pursuing his Doctor of Business Administration (Durham University Business School, UK).

Cenk has delivered learning and engagement initiatives to more that 2000 diverse teams and over 28000 individuals, from varying industries. He is certified in Blanchard’s Team Leadership, Coaching Essentials, and Optimal Motivation, to name a few, an MBTI Practitioner (Center for Applications of Psychological Types (USA, 2016) and a 360 Assessment Practitioner (The LCP, 2016). He resides in Abu Dhabi with his family, and is fluent in English and Turkish.