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Fire up the engine of every business with the right skills and mindset

“I have always said that everyone is in sales. Maybe you don’t hold the title of salesperson, but if the business you are in requires you to deal with people, you, my friend, are in sales.”

– Zig Ziglar

 It is widely believed that sales is the engine of an organization. Sales provide revenue, cash flow, inventory replenishment, services to the market and more. If this is indeed the case, then your salespeople and sales managers are the fuel that keeps that engine going.

Sales professionals are a unique breed of human being. They wake every morning to start a cycle, one filled with ups and downs, celebrations and sorrow, wins and losses…and often, an enormous amount of rejection. The next morning, they wake up and do it all over again


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Having a well-trained and highly engaged sales team can be the difference in having a hugely successful business or declaring bankruptcy.

It is important to also recognize that while in rare instances people are born sales-ready, most great salespeople are trained to become great.

TACK International’s more than 60 years of global sales training experience has helped us deeply understand what it takes to be a great sales person and/or sales manager.  We have an established, market-tested methodology that allows the most timid of sales professionals to excel and achieve success. Our consultants and facilitators assigned to sales-related interventions, have proven their capabilities in the sales arena and can speak from experience and assist your team in achieving the results you seek. From mind-setting and framing, to preparedness and objective-setting, to the step-by-step sales process including closing the deal, we are able to help your sales teams become great sales consultants.

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Click on the titles below to find out more about each intervention:

Appointment Making

Finding new, high quality clients is the objective of virtually every business.  This can be made harder to accomplish due to increased competition, poor sales technique and greater resistance to sales calls within the marketplace.  Learn how to focus on increasing your opportunities to gain more ‘qualified’ leads with prospects who genuinely want to meet you and hear about what impact your product or service can have on their business.

Buyer-Oriented Selling Strategies

Most markets are more competitive than they have ever been and customers are spoilt for choice.  One way to obtain a competitive edge for yourself is to be extremely ‘customer friendly’ in your selling strategy.  See life through your customer’s eyes and ‘help them to buy from you’.  There is an old adage ‘If you want to catch a big fish, then think like a fish and not like a fisherman’.

CRM Alive

CRM Alive supports the implementation of Customer Relationship Management and really make it happen. We address the passion and belief, that the employee as an individual makes a valuable contribution to a long-lasting, individual and personalized relationship with customers.  The focus is on personal attitudes, opinions and the decision to “do” CRM.

Financial Understanding for Sales Professionals

Marketing & Sales professionals know that highly tuned people skills alone do not guarantee success. You need an understanding of the make-up and importance of cost structures and pricing of your business and your customers’ business in order to present persuasive proposals and to negotiate wisely and with confidence. Mastering this means you can make a positive impact on your organization’s profits and those of your customer.

Heart Work – Emotional Intelligence

The Heart Work program provides a keen understanding of what emotional intelligence is, why it is important for the individual and for organizations, and how to improve it and apply it in the workplace. Heart Work adds a new dimension to other known EI approaches by pioneering and launching the concept of Organizational EI.

Influencing Skills

Learn the tools, techniques and strategies to achieve results through persuasion and influence, recognizing the tactics used by others. Gain an understanding of the filters people use to see the world and the language skills that can be used to make a difference in influencing others, including learning how to sell ideas, create rapport, inspire commitment, get results and thereby enhance confidence.

Interpersonal and Communication Skills

Working with and through other people is critical for business success; these can be your peers, your direct reports, your boss and other senior managers, or people who are external to your organization. Build on your skills in developing relationships, making decisions and achieving results. Learn how to interact with other people to improve cooperation, reduce conflict, maximize everyone’s productivity and achieve increased personal effectiveness.

Key Account Management

Your company’s key accounts are your competitors’ key prospects. Your profits depend more on acquiring, protecting and developing key accounts than on any other single activity. Learn how to identify ‘who’s who in the zoo’ in terms of organization structures, politics and power and how to motivate key influencers and decision makers to help you beat the competition.

Managing Channel Partners

Learn how to train and motivate your channels to achieve outstanding results by setting performance standards and monitoring results. This practical intervention gives a wealth of ideas for achieving company targets through the use of case studies, input sessions, skill practice, questionnaires and a unique “computer- generated‟ simulation exercise.

Negotiating Skills (Introduction to)

Ever won the deal but lost the profit? Effective negotiation demands a unique combination of skills aside from your existing sales or buying skills. This practical ‘hands on’ intervention focuses on the best negotiation techniques – allowing you to cooperate rather than compete to achieve a good result for both parties in the negotiation.  Experience the challenges from both sides of the negotiating table, learning how to plan and implement your strategy without giving away your profit.

Problem-Solving & Decision-Making

As pressure to work faster and more effectively increases, so it becomes vital to hone your decision making skills. You’ll leave this intervention with clear and effective strategies which can be applied to all decisions and challenges you face.

Professional Telephone Selling

Increasingly, companies look to office-based sales teams to increase their customer portfolio and penetrate new markets.  But standing out from the crowd to sell successfully by telephone can be tough!  TACK’s Professional Telephone Selling intervention is a must for people who have to undertake any aspect of proactive selling by telephone in the business to business world.


Effective selling is the lifeblood of any organization. But increased competition and higher customer expectations make it tough to close both new and repeat business. This intensive intervention will equip your salespeople with a comprehensive and practical toolkit of professional, solution driven sales techniques to totally satisfy their customers and defeat the competition.

PRO-PAYBACK Selling® in Action

This interactive, role-play based intervention will develop the highest level of face to face selling skills through one-to-one trainer coaching and 360° feedback.  The small workgroup will give you lots of opportunity to increase your confidence and extend your skills by selecting and practicing your own most challenging business situations.

PRO-PAYBACK Selling® for Banking

Every industry’s sales cycle differs greatly and in banking, the need to foster exceptional client relationships is paramount.  Learn how to apply the fundamentals of PRO-PAYBACK Selling to the uniqueness of the banking industry.

PRO-PAYBACK Selling® for Pharma

Selling in Pharma requires a unique set of skills that include patience, adaptability and the ability to influence in 5-7 minute meetings.  This interactive and intensive intervention applies the tested methods of PRO-PAYBACK Selling on the needs of the Pharma industry.

PRO-PAYBACK Selling® - The Game

A great learning tool, designed to complement TACK’s signature PRO-PAYBACK Selling program.  Through a quick-witted and edgy board game, participants can apply the learning onto real-life situations and practice their newly developed skills.

Sales for Non-Sales People

All customer facing employees shape the experience and impression your customers have of your organization.  Provide your people with the knowledge, skills and behaviors they need to make a positive impact on sales and to understand the vital role they play in the customer’s experience.

Sales Management (Part 1)

A Sales Manager succeeds through team effort. For your sales team to meet its objectives and achieve outstanding results you must be able to motivate and focus each member whilst leading by example. Learn how to make your team look forward to your field visits, how to train and develop them in front of customers and a variety of other highly practical techniques. A two-part intervention that allows Sales Managers to play an integral role in the operation’s growth.

Solutions-Based Selling

Businesses don’t buy products or services or even people – they buy results.  So today’s salespeople can only succeed by selling solutions which address their customers’ priorities.  Starting by clearly identifying priority needs, this intervention shows sales professionals how to present their offer in terms of its contribution to business goals, how to justify cost and sell ‘return on investment’ (where this is a key decision factor).

Strategic Sales Management

Gain a wealth of ideas for achieving success within the sales function.  This intervention is ideal for both the development of your sales team and your business with specific emphasis on the key skills of personnel development including coaching, counseling and motivation whilst also covering strategic business development, market strategy, recruitment and financial understanding including the critical area of budgeting. Develop exceptional all round business skills and move from sales manager to inspirational sales leader.

The Sales Maze

An intricate paper-based or online maze designed to study the habits and decision-making processes of salespeople.  Find out exactly what right and wrong decisions you take in any sales environment and learn to be more effective, efficient and successful.

Value-Driven Negotiation

The ability to negotiate well is an absolute necessity. Anyone can strike a deal by conceding, but in today’s market you can’t afford such tactics. Change the game and turn the typical positional negotiation into a co-operative discussion. Even the toughest procurement specialists will want to do business with you again and you’ll keep your margins. Learn the latest methodologies and coaching from seasoned negotiators. You’ll also receive unique insight into how buyers think and behave.

Winning Presentations

Communicating, either to win new business or to influence an internal audience has never been so dependent upon outstanding presentations.  Few courses offer such total involvement with an absolute guarantee of individual performance improvement. Through video feedback on at least two occasions, delegates witness dramatic performance improvement, leaving them 100% more confident than when they arrived.
In addition to learning new skills you will also see dramatic improvements in self-confidence. You will leave the course with your own personal DVD of your presentations together with a comprehensive workbook of reference notes for future use.

Selling through Distributors

Selling through distributors offers many advantages – but also some serious challenges. The key is to have a strategy which generates win/win for both parties. Strategy alone however, is not enough – excellent relationship management is essential. Selling through a team or an organization that is not directly under your control presents special challenges. Learn how to train and motivate your channels to achieve outstanding results by setting performance standards and monitoring results.

Time Manager for MS Outlook

One of the key issues facing organizations and individuals today is increasing their efficiency and effectiveness when it comes to using their most valuable resource – time. Combining TMI’s unique Time Manager™ principles with the world’s most popular e-mail and calendar software, this program will teach you how to enhance your time management, boost your personal effectiveness, and improve organizational efficiency using Microsoft Outlook™.

Personal Organization

Lots of great advice, useful time management techniques, and inspiration to help you reduce stress and make it easier to produce quality results in all areas of your life. On this down-to-earth, highly practical training program you will learn to manage your tasks effectively, handle vast amounts of information and control stress. You will learn how to tell the difference between what is truly essential and must be done now, and what is it that can wait for later.

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