Objective Management Group

The pioneer and industry leader in sales force evaluations and sales candidate screening

Considered a pioneer and industry leader in salesforce evaluations and sales candidate screening, Objective Management Group has supported CCM Consultancy in measuring sales effectiveness, execution and potential for our clients.

For almost 4 years now, CCM Consultancy has partnered up with OMG to offer the best possible salesforce evaluation and sales effectiveness screening there is. We selected OMG for our clients because their accuracy is considered legendary, with predictive results that instill confidence in our decisions.

OMG assessments are not based on somebody else’s personality or behavioral styles instrument and they aren’t modified to make them appear sales specific. They use Predictive Validity and the screening is aimed at distinguishing those individuals who will succeed in a sales position from those who will not.

Whether you are looking to hire a new sales-related candidate (salesperson, manager and/or VP/Director), or you want to evaluate your current salesforce’s capabilities to execute your strategy, we can help uncover the valuable information you need to make an informed decision.