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Laloux highlights three core “contributions” of future organizations: 1.Emphasis on self-management (self-organization) over fixed hierarchical command and control. 2.Embrace of wholeness that looks at the fuller spectrum of gifts that people bring to the organization – rationality and intuition, resolution and doubt, head and heart. 3.Commitment to evolutionary purpose that is endemic to the organization and that is to be collectively “presenced” rather than forced by a single leader.

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Always making us proud Ghada Totayo and once again, for the GSK Egypt session for Pharmacists on Dealing with Conflict in the Pharmacy.#training #learning #development #people #skills #conflict #pharmacy #pharmacist #growth #success #cairo #egypt #middleeast #dubai #uae #management #consulting #ccmcness #proud

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Extraordinary things begin to happen when we dare to bring all of who we are to work.

People and social systems (including organizations) go through stages of development. At each level they believe in certain values and possess certain collective abilities.The call for agile, self-organized organizations is such a step towards a new stage of development. A new generation of organizations is currently evolving.