People don’t buy things from companies they don’t trust. Even before this recent decline in trust, consumers didn’t place their faith in brands unless those brands earned their respect first.

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When your fear stems from confronting a higher-up, remember that title and rank don’t define leadership. The more you speak up and show confidence in the face of authority, the more leadership you’ll be able to project despite your underlying nervousness.

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One of the clearest signs that you’re hitting a creative block is that you can’t stay focused. However, there’s a quick way to bring back your creative focus. And it has nothing to do with work.Malinda McPherson, a doctoral candidate at Harvard, explored how our emotional state affects our ability to be creative.

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Great leaders may be smart and know a lot, but they are humble enough to recognize there are smarter people in the room that they can learn from. They don't restrict themselves from opinions and input outside of their own. They surround themselves with diverse perspectives to help them answer questions like, "How do I know my decision is the right one?" or "Is there a better course of action here?"

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