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If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.

– John Quincy Adams

 Leadership is far more than simply management.  It is how you make people feel, how you inspire others to become a better version of their best selves.  It is about setting strategy and seeing it through.  It is for that reason that organizations seek out to develop their leaders and ensure they lead by example.

This goes well beyond the hierarchical structure that exists in every organization.

We work with our clients on a number of solutions ranging from facilitated C-Suite sessions and Vision Setting initiatives to customized leadership academies and executive coaching solutions.

Our interventions are engaging and highly interactive, often replicating real-life situations through role plays and theater learning.

Our team of consultants immerse themselves into the day-to-day life of the leader, and the strategies they want to carry out, thus ensuring that results are achieved and are tangible.

John F. Kennedy once said: “Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.” Life-long learning is imperative for leaders today, allowing them to stay ahead of demands and accomplish what you set out to achieve.

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Building High Performing Teams

Building a team can be easier when one realizes that the most effective team is one that combines talent, expertise and/or clearly defined roles, in combination with productive interactions.  Learn how style diversity contributes to a team’s performance, and what each team member can do to contribute to organizational success.

Coaching For Results

New models and processes are needed to sustain success. Coaching answers this need. Learn what methodology to use, how it works and how coaching can be used as a positive and permanent feature for sustaining business growth and success.

Coaching & Leadership

Coaching and demonstrable leadership skills are two of the most important management skills required to develop the abilities of your people, thus helping them maximize their strengths and solve problems. Successful leaders achieve the right results by gaining the support and confidence of their team and by inspiring each member to develop the confidence to realize their full potential.

Conflict Management

When a number of people are working together there will usually be conflict – it is almost impossible to avoid it completely.  The important thing is to be able to understand the true causes of any conflict and to have the skill to manage it constructively (for the benefit of the business) while maintaining positive relationships with everyone involved.


Delegation is an essential skill for leaders and team members, yet many fail to delegate successfully. You will discover the key elements of effective delegation, assess your own strengths and weaknesses in this area and develop strategies for producing results. You will also learn how to delegate efficiently while improving others’ competencies.

Directors’ Responsibilities

Promotion to director is more significant than any other, bringing with it legal duties, responsibilities and perhaps even personal liabilities.  The skills and knowledge required are not automatically in place on appointment and surprisingly many appointees are just left to sink or swim.  Understand the key requirements and what to do when faced with major decisions.

Emotionally Intelligent Leadership

The pace of change in today’s business environment requires leaders and employees who are adaptive, work effectively and share the need to achieve common objectives.  Research also indicates that EQ, far more than IQ, determines a leader’s success.   Understand how a high level of Emotional Intelligence can help shape the organizational climate, win employees over and secure future growth and sustainability.

Finance for Non-Finance Managers

Business results are usually defined in financial terms.  So every manager needs to understand the principles of business finance and management accounting.  Using easy to understand language and processes, learn how to make sense of financial results and use them to your business advantage.

Financial Understanding for Senior Executives

Take control, ask your finance team the right questions and improve profitability, but learning to cut through all the jargon.  An interactive experience that allows you to discuss your own company’s financial reports and apply strategy to the numbers.

Friday Night in the ER

An engaging team-learning simulation that triggers powerful insights and improves performance for groups in any industry. Learners get an experiential understanding and a hands-on opportunity to put systems thinking into practice. Collaboration across boundaries, exploring risks and rewards of innovation, and adapting to meet goals are a few of the key learnings achieved.

Giving and Receiving Feedback

Be able to provide and receive constructive feedback, manage the subsequent emotions and create a personal action plan as a result. Learners will develop a structured approach to giving and receiving feedback, whilst engaging with the emotions of others.

How to Recruit and Retain the Best

Recruiting the best people and retaining your best performers are key skills for anyone who leads a team or manages others.  Selection is not a natural skill and so to maximize your success rate and minimize your employee turnover you need to know the best methods.

Idea Navigator

Idea Navigator is a toolkit and a facilitated collaborative problem solving process. You can use it to help you and your team to come up with innovative solutions to business problems. Whatever the industry, whatever the issue, Idea Navigator is a practical and quick way to generate ‘outside the square’ solutions to business problems.  Innovation at play!

Influencing Skills

Receive the tools, techniques and strategies to achieve results through persuasion and influence, recognizing the tactics used by others. Get an understanding of the filters people use to see the world and the language skills that can be used to make a difference in influencing others, including learning how to sell ideas, create rapport, inspire commitment, get results and thereby enhance confidence.

Introduction to Strategy

Learn how to use vision to inspire and influence people to achieve business results. Through the introduction of several models that can be used to define strategy, you will be able to consider various approaches to business challenges and enhance your strategic direction.

Leading Teams

Find out what it takes to lead a team, beyond the people skillset required.  You will gain an understanding of what makes up a high performing team, the role of the leader and his/her key tasks and challenges.  You will receive tools and techniques that can be applied to measure and sustain team performance.

Leadership in Senior Management

The unrelenting pace of change in today’s business environment means you need to direct and motivate your senior staff to enable them to cope and thrive on change. You’ll analyze where your business is now and how to move it on to where you want it to be in the future. Receive constructive feedback that will enable you to raise your awareness and plan your future development.

Management Essentials (Part 1)

Successful team leaders achieve their objectives through their teams. Get the skills you need to help each member of your team achieve their maximum potential. Enhance the quality of your team members by learning to counsel, coach and manage people effectively.  A 2-Part intervention that provides assessment opportunities and interactive role plays.

Change Management Suite

A comprehensive suite aimed at Senior Leadership (Accelerating Organizational Change), Management (Leading & Implementing Change) and Employees (Managing Myself through Change), addressing the top challenges facing companies today.   Learn to engage people, work through behavioral resistors and communication barriers, while remaining agile and effective.  Ensure that your people drive the change process and achieve the results you want.

Managing Meetings for Results

A well run meeting is a powerful management technique – yet many people feel that the meetings they attend are not fully effective and take up too much time.  Managing meetings is a skill which has to be learnt by every newly promoted team leader and every middle manager who wishes to make upward progress.

Managing Remote Teams

Managers and Leaders will be equipped with a practical toolkit to build and sustain high performing remote teams that deliver results across geographic boundaries.  This will allow leaders to effectively address the demands of managing performance, communication and interaction.

Motivational Leadership

Successful leaders achieve the right results by gaining the support and confidence of their team and by inspiring each member to develop the confidence to realize their full potential. During this highly participative middle management intervention, you’ll identify your own strengths and weaknesses and plan personal performance improvement points. You’ll also discover how to achieve the highest level of performance from your team by adapting your leadership style to match the needs of different individuals and different situations.

New Manager

Receive a toolkit of basic management skills to help you excel in your new role, understand your role and responsibilities as a manager, and increase your knowledge of your capabilities within managerial activities. Learn to apply practical techniques for motivating, managing diversity, delegating, prioritizing, managing performance, coaching and holding people accountable.  Learn to respond appropriately in different situations and succeed through change.

Leading and Implementing Change

New Supervisor

Learn clear and simple ways to communicate goals and objectives to your team. As a new supervisor, understand how to motivate and develop your team to continuously improve performance, while growing your own confidence to deal with difficult situations decisively.

Project Management Suite

A comprehensive offering of an introductory and advanced program aimed at providing you with the knowledge and skills to actively and effectively participate in (and lead) projects).  Receive project management tools, practices and techniques, while also understanding fundamental behaviors, roles and best practices required for success project management.  Learn to control and monitor projects, build an effective team and manage the decision-making process.

Quality Management through People

Quality means more than technical or product based criteria – it demands an involvement and commitment from everybody involved in an organization. Identify and set your own quality goals, develop tools and techniques for achieving practical results and measure personal quality. By generating a commitment to quality in your team, you will also be able to ensure that everyone has an understanding of your organization’s quality goals and is able to put them into practice.

Leaders Taking Ownership of Safety and Health

A unique intervention that aims to make a difference.  Align your Safety & Health approach and actions with the existing organizational efforts and messages, thus encouraging safety and health to be a lifestyle rather than a work priority. Understand the emotional components of S&H, which shift attitudes and help shape new behaviors that become natural habits.

Mindfulness Learning Suite

As business demands grow, leaders must learn to practice mindfulness to maintain balance and continue to remain competitive.  Increase your emotional intelligence, boost your energy, enhance personal organization and productivity, and improve team management. No matter what your role is, mindfulness in action is a must to excel today.

Authentic Leadership

The leadership landscape is evolving, as modern business teams have become increasingly diverse and multi-generational. These changes present a number of challenges for leaders, as they are expected to effectively manage teams of individuals with an array of personality types, approaches to work and communication styles. The new business environment requires leadership styles that unlock team potential – a fresher, innovative approach to leading people that recognizes individuals’ needs, goals and personality traits while retaining the natural style of the leader.

Winning Presentations

Communicating, either to win new business or to influence an internal audience has never been so dependent upon outstanding presentations.  Few courses offer such total involvement with an absolute guarantee of individual performance improvement. Through video feedback on at least two occasions, delegates witness dramatic performance improvement, leaving them 100% more confident than when they arrived.
In addition to learning new skills you will also see dramatic improvements in self-confidence. You will leave the course with your own personal DVD of your presentations together with a comprehensive workbook of reference notes for future use.

Time Manager for MS Outlook

One of the key issues facing organizations and individuals today is increasing their efficiency and effectiveness when it comes to using their most valuable resource – time. Combining TMI’s unique Time Manager™ principles with the world’s most popular e-mail and calendar software, this program will teach you how to enhance your time management, boost your personal effectiveness, and improve organizational efficiency using Microsoft Outlook™.

Personal Organization

Lots of great advice, useful time management techniques, and inspiration to help you reduce stress and make it easier to produce quality results in all areas of your life. On this down-to-earth, highly practical training program you will learn to manage your tasks effectively, handle vast amounts of information and control stress. You will learn how to tell the difference between what is truly essential and must be done now, and what is it that can wait for later.

Brain Power

In the four modules of Brain Power, you explore and develop your creative and innovative thinking skills, master techniques to improve your memory and boost your reading ability. This intervention will increase your potential and personal effectiveness by helping you to access more of the dormant powers of your own brain. Brain Power is a real ‘Wake Up’ training for the overworked mind.

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