Majd Alusta



Majd is an experienced Senior Facilitator and Executive Coach with 17 years of experience in Learning and Development, and Operational Experience. He received his coaching certification from the International Coaching Federation in 2019, and prior to that, completed a degree in Management Information Systems (Philadelphia University, Jordan).

Having spent several years in the corporate world as Projects and Operations Manager, with both local and multi-national firms, Majd decided to pursue his passion of working and developing people. He set out to become an L&D Consultant, eventually setting up his own practice. For the last 15 years, has been delivering learning initiatives and coaching executives on a variety of focus areas such as leadership development, emotional intelligence, conflict resolution and communication. He had also lived in Afghanistan and the Sinai Peninsula, living with local communities and nomadic tribes, teaching basic life skills and elementary school courses. A Dutch national residing in the UAE, Majd speaks English, Arabic and Dutch. In his free time, Majd enjoys Chess, Boxing, Cycling and Basketball (and was a member of the Jordan national basketball team).