Ioannis Tsakonas

Senior Consultant


With a Master of Science in Medical Physics, and another Master of Science in Pharmaceutical Marketing, as well as a Bachelor Degree in Mathematics, Ioannis exudes tremendous knowledge and industry experience, having spent over 16 years working in management, strategic, marketing and business development roles within the Pharmaceutical and Tobacco industries. Ioannis’ thesis on Transformational Leadership was published and honored in Industrial Marketing and Purchasing Group.


After a few years with Karelia Tobacco, MSD and Sanofi Pasteur, he joined CCM International as an Account Manager. Through hard work and dedication, he’s excelled in his career and now leads the business development team in the Greek market. Ioannis is highly solution-driven, with a focus on the healthcare sector, working with client teams from human resources, marketing and Business Unit Managers. While his work is predominantly in Greece, Ioannis has secured and continues leads several international projects.


During his free time, Ioannis enjoys windsurfing, skiing, travelling, dancing and spending time with his friends.