Hans Horlings



Hans Horlings

With an Executive MBA in General Business from Waikato University in New Zealand, a Post-Graduate Diploma in Business Economics from the University of Rotterdam and a Bachelor of Science in Business Studies from HTS-Leeuwardern, Hans has spent years applying his academic knowledge to the practical business world. 


Over the last 25 years, he has been providing consulting services within the training field and working with all levels of management. Hans has a passion for people and performance, and works tirelessly to help companies unlock talent, drive and enthusiasm within their people and the workplace.


Over the years, Hans has gained experience within the Engineering, Oil & Gas, and Telecom industries, having worked first-hand in multiple positions. His consulting work has also given him exposure to clients within the manufacturing, retail and distribution sectors. From leadership development to nationalization program to change management and more, Hans has focused on effecting behavioral change within companies and people.


Hans lives in Dubai with his wife, has two children and enjoys sailing, watersports and outdoor adventures. He speaks English, Dutch and German.