What workers really need, to feel engaged in and satisfied by their jobs, is an inner sense of purpose. Leaders can foster this inner sense of purpose in each individual’s life and career by asking these 5 questions in a simple conversation.

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Be more concerned with what you can do for others than what others can do for you—you’ll be so surprised at the results.

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While individual philosophy has been studied and applied to corporate organizations, a newer concept of organizational virtue and how to adapt it to corporate strategy is being explored. To help understand its potential, a survey of 2,500 customers and employees was conducted . It showed that organizational virtue, represented by integrity, empathy, zeal, conscientiousness, warmth, and courage, is linked to employee and customer satisfaction

While a culture of fear can ensure engagement and even excitement for some time, research suggests that the inevitable stress it creates will likely lead to disengagement over the long term. Wellbeing on the other hand is sustainable and comes from a positive culture. Find out how.